Sunday, November 11

Hong to the Kong

So to be honest I had planned to take the train to Hong Kong, but feeling sorry for my bag less self I hopped into a taxi.

As the ride began I sat back waiting for that moment you go round the hill and see the skyscrapers.

But it never came, so instead I became obsessed with the fare clock that appeared to be going up at an alarming rate. I did a quick calculation of the fare, and then did that glance in the wallet, and thumbing of the notes, when you already know that you only have a bit more cash than the clock reads.

We went past my wallet amount, and now I'm thinking, "Fucking hell - $200 for a cab?". It was another 5 hyperventilating moments before I noticed a thin line on the fare clock separating the last digit. Relieved that I had been multiplying the fare by 10, I relaxed, sat back and just then I saw the island of skyscrapers for the first time.

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