Wednesday, November 14

Let's do business!

A number of milestones today.

I interviewed a potential new hire, who knew very little English, but understood brand guidelines, variable elements, common die lines and crazy vendor timing.

We got along famously.

This is a shot from the bathroom, where thankfully they keep the window open, and burn incense. 

Today they installed a western style toilet on our floor instead of the hole everyone else uses. 

They've yet to install toilet paper. Or soap.

On the brighter side, also on our floor is a model agency, so there's a ton of awkward, giggling, cute girls (you so tall sir!!) and hipster-in-the-making boys with intentionally uncool eyewear.

Another great lunch. Excellent sushi, the eel being the highlight. I was told that during the recent territory dispute between Japan and China the restaurant posted a sign saying they were Korean.

This afternoon Dave and I had a meeting with a company with contacts in the local government.

Despite not speaking much Chinese, I understood most of the meeting. You just watch their hands, maintain eye contact ... and then turn to Dave for a translation.

We even exchanged business cards.

Afterwards I walked around the new part of Dongguan. They are building a brand new city of glass and steel buildings with wide boulevards. There is some serious retail here, and even better infrastructure. Dongguan will be a major city within 5 years.

At dinner I heard a terrible story about a dog being poisoned and sold for meat. After I ate. Good thing, bad thing?

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