Wednesday, November 7

Observations from an election

It's possible to ignore the whole thing
Until Monday Night Football I went the whole election season without listening to either candidate. What they were doing on Monday Night Football is still a puzzle to me, although either of them could replace the bumbling Chris Berman.

Compliments are free
Last Saturday a kid with a clipboard rang our doorbell. Because of Hurricane Sandy our doorbell is once again on the fritz, and it currently plays America the Beautiful. When I hear this tune I instinctively look up to see if 5 fighter jets are flying over a SuperBowl stadium.

The kid wanted to know if "we could count on your vote for Obama". After a few other easy questions he complimented me on my garden.

2 days later an old dear caught Anne at home and pulled the same compliment. We figure they have a list of compliments on the clipboard.

"You have nice teeth", "Those jeans are flattering", and "Nice garden". It didn't go unnoticed that Anne and I got the garden comment.

It's Cambridge for Atheists' sake
Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter could run on the Democrat ticket and Cambridge would still vote Blue.

Get yourself in the sticker business
We all got "I voted" stickers at our polling station. Someone has to design and print those suckers.

Repetitive Strain Injury
The ballot is Tabloid/A3 size. We didn't just vote for PotUS, we had a long list of governmental positions to vote for, from Senator, through City Official, down to the guy you cleans the office (obviously a Democrat because you cannot get an Old White Guy to do this job).

Then you flip the ballot over and vote on Assisted Suicide, Medical Marijuana and 7 other brain-teasers.

MIT not Mitt
Apparently a kid in a MIT T-Shirt was turned away from a polling booth because they thought he was politically supporting Mitt Romney. Stupid on two counts. Nobody from MIT has ever voted Republican.

Karl Rove is a c*nt
As CNN announced that Obama was projected as the winner, I flicked over to see how Fox News was handling the disgrace.

Fox News had announced that Obama was the winner, but then about 5 minutes later Karl Rove argued they were wrong.

For the next 30 minutes the Fox anchors were sent on a merry dance to talk to the Fox statistical experts to explain how their bank of experts with the computing power of NASA could announce such a thing, when it was obvious that Karl with a $1.99 calculator knew better. He didn't know better.

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