Friday, November 9

San Diego Serenade

Today we dined for lunch at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Pacific.

I had the fish tacos, which always makes me laugh. Firstly because of I Love You Man, but secondly because when asked to cook 'the meal of her life', a soon to be eliminated Top Chef contestant chose fish tacos. And speaking of Top Chef, I had a perfectly prepared ceviche to start with. I've never seen a badly done ceviche on that show, or a badly cooked scallop for that matter.

Enough fish talk, it was time to pump up the tunes and drive up to LA. With GnR and The Doors blasting from the stereo, and the sun shining, life seemed pretty perfect. Four hours of LA drive time traffic later, plus an altercation with a homeless guy at a gas station I rolled into the Budget Car Rental listening to Edith Piaf whose depressing vocals matched my mood.

The  shuttle bus driver asked me three times if I was really flying Philippine Airlines. He was probably surprised that I only had one bag. At check-in I've never seen to many suitcases, taped up boxes, hampers and ottomans.

The guy behind the counter was shocked that I was only 'passing through' Manila. Sorry guy behind the counter.

I was traveling Business Class so I was invited to the Lounge on the 4th floor. Very specific. 4th floor, not 5th.

Turns out the 5th is for the classy airlines, and the 4th for the airlines you never knew existed until you added '4 stops' into Travelocity.

Even as I headed back down to the terminal the elevator by-passed the 4th floor 3 times, such was the importance of the 5th Floor business class passengers. To pass the time I ate a bag of complimentary almonds. Might as well spend their money.

The gate was a cacophony of noise, and across from me sat this lady, playing some stupid slot-machine game replete with chink-chink noises. (Last time I can use chink in a sentence for a week).

I heard, "At your convenience Business Class passengers may board", so I walked behind a lady in a wheel chair, but when I handed the attendant my ticket she shouted, "You not disabled sir, use other line". Convenience my arse.

The best part of business class is the quiet humming of perfumed air conditioning. You're not rushed to put your hand luggage in the overhead while some passive aggressive douche behind you nudges into you. And after a nice chat with the Filipino guy next to me, I put on the Top Cat eye mask and headed off to sleep for 7 hours.

Next stop Guam.

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