Sunday, November 11

Speed tourism

I had 5 hours to see Hong Kong.

Here's a selection of what I saw, learned, heard and sometimes smelled.

This is the building that Batman jumps from in Dark Knight.

Obviously I did some Photoshop work here ... the sky was not as blue as that.

Being a Sunday, all of the domestic help women (mostly Filipino) sit out on the pavement and catch up on their week. It's like a convention of cute homeless people enjoying a picnic.

I saw a wedding party having their wedding photos shot by the harbor.

The pro photographer was super angry that tourists kept walking in front of the bridal party.

The old British governor's house with a replica Cenotaph outside. Being 11/11 I was reminded that my grandfather who fought in WWII was stationed in Hong Kong.

The Lippo Building looks like a bunch of koala bears hugging a eucalyptus branch.

If koalas were blue and made of glass.

4 and death sound alike in Chinese. So most buildings do not have a 4th floor.

The ATV Mr Asia tour was in town. All looked like twinks.

You catch the boat from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island from Stanley Ferry. Stanley Ferry is also a small part of Wakefield close to where my parents live.

Many businesses have the word fook and ho in them. I am a child.

There is a 45° funicular ride up to Hong Kong's highest point. Once you get out there are 8 floors of retail connected by escalators. That's when you remember you are in the capitalist part of China.

Once you get up there the view is incredible. I wished Anne was there with me, but in a strange way ... she was.

Afterwards I made my way back through the retail maze for the train. There was a 45 minute wait in line. It appears OK to burp loudly in China with no hand on mouth or excuse me. Although farting appears to be frowned upon.

5 days earlier while reading the news, Anne had said to me, "I'd avoid any public ferry between islands in Asia - they always seem to sink".

I thought of this as 700 (admittedly light in weight) Asians headed for one side of the boat as it docked.

After which I headed back to the hotel and walked through the attached mall that had Prada, Gucci and Versace stores. My overriding thought ... I hope my bag arrives soon because if I have to buy new clothes I can neither fit, nor afford these clothes.

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