Thursday, November 15

Xie Xie

I had a little time for shopping today. First up I visited a tailor who is going to make me a few shirts. When I told my Dad he reminded me of the trousers his friend bought in London in the 60s. They were folded and bagged up when he bought them. Only when he got home did he realize they only had one leg.

Then I met this guy. So much stuff going on here ...

The guy on TV is the new Chinese premier. His inauguration was playing live as I taste-tested some tea.

The ebony carved board is the place where the intricate procedure of making the tea is performed. Lots of sniffs, pours, stirs, and crushes lead to a thimbleful of tea to taste. The most expensive tea I tasted was US$400 a bag. I didn't choose that one.

But I did choose an Oolong and a Pu-erh which came in a solid disc that looked like a discus.

After 12 small cups of tea, I had zero toxins inside me, so it was time for lunch again!

This time northern Chinese cuisine. More tofu, boiled peanuts, some lamb, cabbage, smaller but equally tasty dumplings all washed down with soy-milk.

For dessert, molasses-coated deep-fried banana. I joked that they had finally chosen something I didn't like. I hate banana!

And then it was back to the office to say my 'thank you's.

My Chinese co-workers have proven to be hard-working, polite and thoroughly welcoming.

Not quite the end of story ...

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