Saturday, December 8

Time to buy a Lamborghini

Last year I boldly sent two $100 checks to the Mass State Lottery to enter their Mega Millions and MegaBucks lottos.

Today I received checks for my combined annual winnings.

I managed to turn my $200 into $15.

My investment lost 92.5% of it's value.

In business we call this a loss.

Like any sensible investor I've sent them 2 more $100 checks, because I'm sure I'll win that money back in 2013.

4 times a week my morning ritual is to grab an over-sized cup of coffee and go to the lottery website to check my numbers.

I'm certain that at some point my Mega Millions numbers are going to come in on MegaBucks and frenzied excitement will shrink to what could have been.

But as Jimmy Savile once said to Dave Lee Travis, "you've got to be in it to win it."

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