Tuesday, December 11

Vile Images!

I try to avoid telling people what I do for a living. It usually takes a few sentences, after which I get the "that wasn't worth it" look.

And any time I go simple, there is a list of mis-conceptions that pop up.

If I say, "I'm a graphic designer", there's a common assumption that I can draw.

I cannot draw, although I am quite good at tracing.

But it seems to me that drawing is an inherited talent, and unless you have a good teacher you will never improve.

Which brings me to my art teacher who was featured in the local paper this week.

A retired school teacher was found to have over 2,500 vile images of children and animals being sexually abused on computers at his West Yorkshire home.
Police made the discovery after executing a search warrant at 65-year-old Stuart Hodgson’s home on Ashton Court, Newmillerdam, Wakefield, in March last year.
Hodgson, a former art teacher at Kettlethorpe High School, Wakefield, was arrested after officers analysed a computer and a computer tower seized in the raid.
A total of 62 images of child abuse were at levels four and five - the two most serious categories of offending. The images featured children between the ages of three and 16-years-old.
Officers also discovered images and videos of animals being sexually abused. It was also discovered Hodgson had made internet searches for ‘dog sex’.
Alistair Campbell, prosecuting, said Hodgson told police he was a retired teacher and had a drink problem. Hodgson said he had been accessing illegal material since 2007.
Mr Campbell said: “He said he had become interested in pornography and he is the sort of person who, when he gets interested in a subject, he likes to find out all about it.”
Hodgson pleaded guilty to 21 offences of making indecent images of a child and one of possession of extreme pornography.

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