Sunday, October 6

Pocket Awareness

Watching the Patriots game and they complimented Brady on his pocket awareness.

They're not wrong are they?

Right there at the front of his jacket.

Hands go straight in.

I know tons of stuff about football.

Tuesday, September 3

Hi, I'm Randy

Football season rolls around again, and my usual plethora of Fantasy teams are being drafted.

This year's favorite is Houston Kicker, Randy Bullock.

Saturday, August 24

Movie binge

A couple of months ago EW published their 100 best movies of all time. I decided I was going to start watching a bunch of them to cover up the gaps in my movie education.

Sadly Sharknado wasn't in the list, but last night I watched this cinematic masterpiece.

It's got everything you need in a quality film ... Tara Reid, CGI sharks, dreadful continuity and chainsaws.

Citizen Kane my ass.

Friday, August 23

Baby squirrel, you’s a sexy motherfucker

I find it interesting that when I lay down some Kool and the Gang on the iPod Anne pulls a face, but she's all over this new Bruno Mars track.

But damn if she's not right. It's catchier than a sickly bat at a Chinese flu conference.

Wednesday, August 21

Thursday, July 25

Thanks Guardian

In today's Guardian there was an article about some silly Swiss village that wants to construct a 250 metre bungee jump.

The Guardian supplied this handy graphic.

Thanks for the 'Man not to scale' caption.

I would never have guessed.

Probably should have been person not man.


Monday, July 22

Perk of the Job

Not my job of course, but for the next 24 hours we are taking care of one of Anne's clients cats!

In about an hour the little meow arrives and we get to fawn over her all day and night.

Anne was busy making furniture movements last night so that the little munchkin has observation points for her 1 day stay.

I tell you, it's like a spa day for this cat.

Sunday, July 21


I just tried making restaurant reservations in September for a Saturday night in Boston, and a Sunday night in San Francisco.

Boston we scraped in at 5.45. San Francisco said, 'we are fully committed', which I think is pretentious for full.

Friday, July 12

I give it 6 months

Tonight we visited the first cricket themed restaurant in the US.

That's cricket the sport, not the insect. There's probably a bunch of 'insects as protein' buffets in California.

They've been re-modelling the old Spice n Rice in Inman Sq for 6 months, not that you could tell.

The TVs were playing an international cricket game featuring England.

Of course today was the 3rd day of the amazing 1st Test against Australia.

The restaurant were showing a one-day game against New Zealand.

Descending notes on a tuba play in my head.

The menu is a crazy mis-mash of cuisines from the cricket playing nations.

Anne noticed a heavy emphasis on Indian, "No doubt the chef is Indian" she said.

The menu is sequenced in terms of types of cricket games. So appetizers are 20-20, small dishes one-day, and main courses are test matches.

All the food sounded terrible.

Anne announced she was going to have a cocktail named "A Tickle".

"Make that 2 tickles", I said to the Irish? waitress with her Android tablet. She didn't smile.

Anne got a decent Cauliflower Curry. I had weird Sliders.

10 minutes later a portly Caribbean gentlemen in chef garb walked by.

Anne got that one wrong.

"If this was in England, we would have walked out", I said to Anne.

"If this was in England we wouldn't have bothered coming in", was her reply.

Well bowled darling.

We went to get Ice Cream from Christina's.

Wednesday, July 10

3rd worst spine

I went to visit my back surgeon today. I had scheduled a steroid shot and as I sat in the waiting room an old Jewish couple joined me among the poorly designed chairs and 2 year old People magazines.

Thankfully the old broad started talking to the guy opposite me, but I could do little else but listen as her 100 decibel voice filled the room.

"The doctor saved my spine. He's the reason I can walk. He said I have the 3rd worst spine he has ever seen".

She added, "Of people who can walk."

When the doc isn't handing out rosettes and ribbons for poorly shaped spines he also gives steroid shots. After a very painful minute with a long needle in my spine I asked him, "Why the hospital where I previously had this procedure, gave me a general anesthetic?"

"That's overkill", said the Dr. "And besides, it's good to get the immediate feedback you gave me."

So there you have it. There is nothing better than a painful scream to help a doctor diagnose your problem.

Sunday, July 7

My name is Clint

Don't write my name on a Starbucks container.

Wednesday, June 26

Mailing List Worries

I received this in the mail today.

In the words of a greater man than I,
"It must be because of my sizable anonymous donation."

I do lot of work for char-idee.

Sunday, June 23

Nice Touch

Ladies, hold onto your pint when you go for a pee.

Wednesday, June 19

Changing our Wi-Fi name

When people roam for Wi-Fi in our area they'll find this network.

Saturday, June 15

That Guy

I got a cool catalog in the mail from Bang & Olufsen this week.

These tidy looking headphones are new, and the ad said you can find them in Apple Stores.

Much to my pleasure and pain I live 2 blocks away from an Apple Store so I took a walk down this afternoon.

They didn't have any.

But they did have Philips Hue.

Basically they are multi-colored bulbs, with a wi-fi router and via an app you can control the color of your house lighting.

I'm toggling between moody cool and weird psychedelica.

Bang & Olufsen have a store on Newbury St. So I headed down there, amazingly found a parking space and found the demo pair in the store.

Picked up a box and made for the register. That was the end of my good luck.

"Ah, we don't have any stock."

"But you sent a mailing out this week."

"Oh that's why everyone is asking about them."


Saturday, June 8

Tough Sell

I just drove past Norfolk Street in my neighborhood and there's an Open House today.

Sadly it's the part of the street where the Boston bombers lived.

I cannot imagine being a real estate agent is ever easy. Too many pained smiles as morons trudge through asking their mundane questions.

"What's the neighborhood like?"

"Funny you should ask ...

Wednesday, May 29

100% Beaver is sure to evade the spam filters

In a strange echo to an old Abba video, Anne and I sit back-to-back each morning, reading our own respective news feeds, each on our own respective computers.

Anne usually finds bizarre deaths less funny than me, but she could not stop laughing as she read this story out loud. Especially the latest in a series comment

A beaver has attacked a 60-year-old fisherman in Belarus, slicing an artery and causing him to bleed to death.

It was the latest in a series of beaver attacks on humans in the country, as the rodents, who have razor-sharp teeth, have turned increasingly aggressive after wandering near homes, shops and schools.

Full article.

Meanwhile, I was scanning the sports page of the BBC, where this excellent fuck you was written.

When asked by BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew if England had been at "100%" during their victory, Flower responded: "I'm sure when you reflect on your broadcasting today you wouldn't have been at 100%; none of us operate at 100%.

And although I love Andy Flower's quote he is obviously wrong. It's actually possible to give 110%. I learned that from watching interviews with mathematicians athletes.

Wednesday, May 22

They just keep on fucking up

CNN had this last night,

Hot on the heels of this,

Not forgetting this,

Clown Shoes.

Wednesday, May 15

Saturday, May 11

I've only gone and proved that God exists

Driving home today in my zippy black Audi, I sensed a red BMW behind me was wanting to speed past me, so I accelerated knowing we would both have to stop at a light further down the road.

As the light changed, I sped away and the BMW, stuck behind another car in the next lane, did a quick over-take and then hit full gas to speed past me.

As he flashed by he looked over at me.

I was sort of looking his way, but really I was looking at the cop up ahead who must have been checking his calendar to see if it was his birthday.

It was. And he pulled over the twat in the BMW.

Tuesday, May 7

Happy Birthday

To my Dad.

Here he is maintaining his competitive spirit last Christmas with the Ellen Cow Ball game.

And as a side note to our cleaners, this also explains why we had post-it notes stuck to our floor, containing such remarks as "World Record".

Saturday, May 4

Live in the US?

Then simply just ditch your other blades and sign up for this.

Friday, May 3

Too Cool

Anne loves buying magazines in England. It seems like each of the women's titles gives away a free something every edition. (make-up kit, mascara, tote bag, bowling ball, dialysis machine ...)

Looks like the men's titles are finally catching on that we like free stuff too. With this month's edition of UK Esquire you could choose from a classic of 20th Century literature.

I went for the Hemingway.

Thursday, May 2

Enough with the countryside already...

It's been a real treat to be back in the UK for 10 days.

We both miss the beautiful countryside. Anne must have taken 50 photos of lambs during the trip.

Along with wonderful Cornish towns and rolling hills we also managed to meet my old bosses and mentors at a party on the IoW, we hung out with mum and dad, with my sister and her brethren, and also caught up with Adrian and Elizabeth and their whip-smart kids.

Way more importantly we also got very addicted to playing these 2 stupid games on our phones!

The one on the left is a take on the 2p coin pusher machines you find at seaside amusement halls.

The one on the right, a word game that creates a very precise set of 6 finger marks on your otherwise shiny pristine iPhone glass.

Wednesday, May 1

You don't see that every day

A peacock using a vending machine?

I had this one as a Cadbury's fan, but it just goes to show I know shit about peacocks.

Tuesday, April 30

Percy Pigs

Wish I could stop eating these. But fuck it, I'm on vacation.

Monday, April 29

You had one job to do

Anne supposedly hung up her editing boots when she started her cat business. 

But when it comes to Premiership football and being a pedantic wordsmith, she is surely the most knowledgeable American woman in the game today.

Friday, April 26

Geezers need excitement

Tonight we are staying in Poole. It's our anniversary, and we are traveling from Cornwall along the south cost to end up on the Isle of Wight tomorrow.

We walked into town and picked a simple looking Italian restaurant for dinner.

As we were seated the couple behind me caught my eye. He was your typical southern tough boy in designer jeans, tight Fred Perry polo shirt, blingy watch and crew-cut hair. And a faint whiff of an expensive cologne that somehow still managed to smell like Lynx/Axe body spray.

His 'bird' had a bottle of peroxide on her hair which was pulled in a horizontal pony tail. Classic Essex girl type, with a trowel full of make-up, probably her only overseas experience were her French manicure and a Brazilian wax.

Twice during dinner he got up. Weak bladder I presumed, but when he got up a 3rd time I started to think drug dealer. But this last time I noticed he walked past the window outside.

As if by cue, the chickadee stood up and started saying, "Excuse me, excuse me". The owner walked over and then the ridiculousness started.

Pointing at her their plate of potatoes she said there was a shard of glass in the food.

"Where?", said the owner dabbing his index finger onto the edge of the plate.

"Well you just moved it didn't ya?", she replied.

A 2 minute discussion ensued which finished with the owner walking away shaking his head. A minute later she got up and headed for the door.

"Not so fast lady", shouted the owner.

What could politely be called 'a scene' was developing as the discussion escalated, but hot damn if he didn't make her pay.

And so she left to no doubt meet up with her fella and plan next Friday's restaurant scam in another local eatery.

We skipped dessert and headed to Asda to buy something chocolatey. Because nothing says romantic anniversary evening like a bit of cheap chocolate from aisle 12.

Thursday, April 25


We've had a great 2 days in Padstow the tiny fishing village that Rick Stein has turned into a gastro-go-to.

On the first night in the Seafood restaurant we sat next to a guy who acted like the Major in Fawlty Towers. But even he was eclipsed by the tiny Welsh wizard rugby dynamo Jonathan Davies, who was sat 2 tables away from us. 

I just pulled this shot off of Google, but I kid you not, he was wearing the same scarf. Now I didn't play International rugby in both codes, so I have no idea how much money he made, but if I had to guess it should have been enough to have multiple scarves.

The 2nd night we ate at the Bistro, which was just as good except we weren't as hungry because we had spent the day eating Cornish pasties, cream scones, fresh flapjack and Cornish fudge.

Pumping up the Cornish economy? You're welcome.

Here's the view from our super-posh Rick Stein accommodation (yes he owns half of the hotels here too).

Tuesday, April 23

Clutch Hitter

After a terrific train journey through the English countryside we arrived in Plymouth and headed for the Avis office.

We got an upgrade! A BMW 3-Series.

It's been a while since I drove a manual car. My old Fiat was simple. It had four gears so each one occupied a corner that you pushed towards.

This tricky driving machine has 6, and I'll be damned if I can find 3rd gear. So each time I move from 2nd gear I either:

Hit 5th: And the car just dies
Hit 1st: And Anne turns into a bobble-head device.

Today at a temporary traffic light on a uphill slope I think I mistakenly held the engine in 3rd gear without stalling.

The car is a diesel also and we couldn't get rid of the burning smell for 20 minutes after.


Monday, April 22

Spot the Difference

In 1999 we went to Cornwall for our anniversary. We'll always remember it as the trip when Jill Dando was killed.

So it was with much anticipation 14 years later that we scanned the news for any mention of, perhaps, Carol Vorderman? Alas, no micro-UK-celebrity death occurred today but we can ween some details from these 2 photos.

1. The purple doesn't work
2. The phone box has seen better days
3. I appear to have shrunk based on the height of the new photo
4. Anne is pretty whatever the weather

Friday, April 19

500 Days of Bummer

As ever, Fox are always on point with the facts. Turns out Zooey Deschanel was the worst Russian bad guy since Harrison Ford starred in that goofy submarine movie.

Tuesday, April 16

Not a Mule

Frustrating trip to the doctor's office today.

I've had bad back pain for a few weeks and my pain-killer is due to run out at the weekend which is also when I head out on vacation.

CVS won't refill the prescription ahead of time, and my doctor is on vacation.

The nurse who takes vital statistics all day long could not do simple math. 90 pills divided by 6 a day equals 15 days of pills.

I've been grilled like I'm an opiate addict. Except my pain-killer is not an opiate.


Saturday, April 6

One of them there liberal drinks

Shopping in the burbs of Cleveland today and we ran across this telling sign posted above flavored water drinks.

Only poofs and hippies drink that stuff, and there appear to be neither in the vicinity.

Thursday, March 28

From the Bobby Sands range

Walking out of work last night I noticed the property management company have chosen to paint the walls a shade of brown that I'd call Maze Prison Fecal Smear.

The property management company send me a newsletter every week. It's fascinating reading.

The last one had this snippet.

Massachusetts Smoke-Free Workplace Law prohibits smoking in any building or in any outside area where smoke may migrate into a building. This law also applies to the use of e-cigarettes, which are considered "nicotine delivery products" and are comparable to tobacco cigarettes. Local smoking regulations are reportedly being updated in response to the growing use of e-cigarettes. 

I don't smoke but I do feel sorry for those who do. If this stuff continues we'll end up with smokers' islands. Although the lepers are likely to claim they got there first.

A smoking leper would be a very exclusive island wouldn't it?

Wednesday, March 27

Did you give up blogging for Lent?

No I didn't.

I've had plenty of stuff going on, but I've had no desire to type.

My on-going battle with the crazy work-related repetitive-strain injury in my arm makes for a finite number of mouse clicks I can manage each day.

Of course, to control the pain I''m taking a medication that numbs my central nervous system - which in its own way makes me less angry, and less humored by events around me ... the basic content of this blog!

Also, one of my frequent Scrabble partners has decided that one game a day isn't enough, and instead she has begun adding new games every few hours. I have 7 games on the go with her at the moment. That creates so many clicks and drags for my mouse hand!

Somewhere in South Sudan a kid is blogging exactly the same thing as me. Because these are globally relevant problems.

Wednesday, February 27

Does it go to 11?

Last time we headed back to Cleveland, Anne's brother Russ and his wife Christine were raving about a heated mattress cover they had purchased.

I'm blessed with warmth and radiance, but Anne has feet colder than a penguin.

Last week our heated cover arrived, and each subsequent night I head upstairs about 20 minutes before we go to bed and turn the wonderful contraption on.

There are 2 controllers, one for each side of the bed, and we've found that 5 takes care of business.

I turn mine off before going to sleep. Anne, who laughs in the face of fire security sometimes keeps hers on, or if she wakes in the middle of the night, she'll give herself an extra blast of heat.

Best purchase of the year contender, and we are still in February!

Tuesday, February 26

Bullshit downgraded to Idiot

I was breaking up the jigsaw last night and spotted the missing piece sat on top of the completed puzzle.

I feel so silly.

Monday, February 25

Homme de papier?

Sorry to sound like a dick, but the animated short that won the Oscar is strangely similar to Le Ballon Rouge ... only Le Ballon Rouge did it with real people!

I think the kid on the train towards the end is a knowing wink to this. Maybe Disney think that counts as pastiche, I prefer to go with rip-off.

That's all.

Sunday, February 24

This is bullshit

I keep quiet about being an international jigsaw solver.

But once again I found myself completing a jigsaw only to find a piece missing.

Although there was a duplicate piece of the puzzle, so I cannot complain that it was not a 1,000 piece jigsaw.

Anne said I should write a strongly worded letter, but I think her real worry is my jigsaw expenses are spiraling out of control and I've lost sight of reality.

I did this jigsaw in an afternoon. I put it down to my expertise in packaging, but it may also be that I'm a heavy consumer of chocolate.

Friday, February 22

Bit of a Headache?

I'm going to England soon to visit my old boss.

Whenever I used to head back for work, my orders were to always bring a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce, and a box of 300 81mg WalMart brand aspirin.

Now he's retired I don't get to see my old boss as much.

So the order increases in volume.

This is what 3,000 aspirin looks like. I'm pretty sure in the UK you can only buy 12 at once, for fear of someone using them to commit suicide.

After 10 minutes in WalMart I felt suicidal, unfortunately drinking a whole bottle of Steak Sauce just gives you bad gas.

Saturday, February 16

Wow. That's so awkward

Anne and I went to see Pink Martini tonight. As usual it was a good show, although they appear to have developed an annoying habit of asking people on stage to dance, sing and even play piano.

Tonight they had Turks and Greeks each singing national folk songs, and because it was Chinese New Year they asked if anyone knew a specific Chinese song.

Quick as a flash a Chinese guy vaulted on the stage, grabbed the mike and prepared to sing with the band. And then a few moments later a couple of older women walked onto the stage from the more conventional staircase entrance.

I did a double-take realizing they were not Asian, but then my immediate liberal sensibility kicked in and told me that you don't have to be Chinese to know the words to a Chinese folk song.

But evidently the whole of the crowd were somehow sensing the same thing, and one of the women must have picked up on this vibe.

So she did the worse thing possible.

She placed her index fingers on her eyes and pulled outwards making the crude visualization of an Asian.

The crowd went crazy. I'm going with a 80/20 split of boo vs laugh.

To her credit she sang the song well, but it was super awkward, especially for the band member who shared a microphone with her. He is Japanese.

Monday, February 11

Julie Burchill

Julie certainly was, and maybe still is, one of the great observers of modern pop culture. I've just gone silly on Amazon - as I plan to re-read all of her books.

Her writing in NME and The Face in the 80s was some of the most acerbic entertainment you'll ever read, and her newspaper columns in subsequent decades manage to change my opinions on subjects.

But the most shocking thing on her recent Desert Island Discs appearance was her voice. It is squeakier than a kid's toy. It's tricky to process her intellectual observations when all you can visualize is a plastic trinket from China.

Monday, February 4

Look at me!

It appears there is something more tedious than receiving a photo of a friend's baby at Christmas (without a handwritten note).

It's, "Hey look at me, I'm about to give birth". I don't want to see your 9 month pregnancy bump as you close your eyes and are shot in moody black and white by a hack local photographer.

I'm glad you're happy and expectant, just don't fucking share it with me, or worse still post on Facebook where your moronic friends will post "You go girl", or "You've never been more beautiful".

There is a reason we all called Demi Moore a narcissistic fucktard.

And it makes you a photocopy of a narcissistic fucktard.

In the words of Garfunkel & Oates - Pregnant Women are Smug.

Friday, February 1

We can all make charts

Cambridge Police announced a dip in crime rates in 2012.

I guess it all depends on how you define crime.

Wednesday, January 23

Den of iniquity?

There's an office in the complex where I work at ground level, with a window by the main entrance.

For the past few weeks on the window ledge the following items have been on display.

A copy of 50 Shades of Grey
A bottle of Jergens lotion
A lumbar support
2 apples and 1 banana (provocatively arranged)

Monday, January 21

The difference between you and me

I had a fun day in Illinois last week. Which although factually correct is also the worst license plate slogan ever ... oh no it's not, because Idaho has 'potatoes'.

I drove to Peoria which has too many vowels for my liking. My meeting finished at 5pm, and the task in hand was to drive as fast as possible to Chicago to make dinner with family.

Just like the young marine in 'A Few Good Men', I made it there in double time.

The highlight of dinner was learning of a surprise drug-fuelled evening in the 1960s with a local politician and two of my relatives. As I don't write for LA Confidential, I won't be naming names!

A few after-dinner cocktails meant I checked in at my hotel at around midnight. The hipster establishment I chose was choc-full of ... well ... hipsters, drinking fashionable cocktails. It wasn't a school night so I should not judge.

With an early-morning flight home and in a semi-drunken stupor I set my mental alarm clock for 4.30am.

A speed shower had me checking out at 4.40am. The reveling trendies from earlier had all gone home (presumably to their loft apartments), but at the front desk were guys checking in.

I moved in close to see what kind of debauched individual checks into a hotel at 4.40am.

It turns out the 2 guys were middle-aged Scottish gentlemen. It also appeared that they were world-class DJs, as they name-dropped clubs in Tokyo, LA and Düsseldorf.

Alas my knowledge of famous Scottish DJs stops at Nicky Campbell so send your guesses for who these guys may have been on a SAE marked 'Jock DJs'.

Saturday, January 19

Choice Selection

We were standing in line at the check-out in our local supermarket today. As per usual I was suffering on the inside as the kids who pack bags demonstrated the spacial awareness of a retarded chimp.

Then I spotted the 4 items on the belt of the woman in front of me.

A bag of mozzarella
A Summer's Eve douche kit
A tub of Philadelphia
A product for making your white's brighter.

I just wished Caroline Aherne had been doing the check-out.

"Ahh, smelly snatch love?"

Thursday, January 17

Tonight I'm going to party like it's

2000 is a watershed rating in Scrabble. It marks you out as incredibly good.

Tuesday, January 15

Cum on feel the Boise

I visited a snowy Idaho last week ... where the potatoes come from.

What a nice place! Polite people, and picturesque scenery, except for the downtown which has ugly buildings.

This week I'm going to Peoria. The map looks like it is just outside Chicago, but then I checked the scale of the map.

3 hour drive.


I get to visit all the hot-spots.

Wednesday, January 9


Around the time I was 16 and living in the UK, the government withdrew dentist visits from the National Health Service.

Consequently, I never went to the dentist again.

I hate that this proves the generalization Americans have about Brits and their rotting teeth. But then again, I never had a problem, so I never went.

But today, armed with a new healthcare plan for 2013 and living within a stones throw of a bunch of dentists I broke the sequence.

A 45 second walk from my house took me to a spectacularly well designed dental office.

The dental assistant asked the dreaded question. My answer of 26 years did not seem to spook her.

I swear as a kid the whole thing took about 10 minutes, but today I had almost 2 hours of x-rays, followed by the bingo game where they shout out only, 1s, 2s and 3s. Then she scraped, flossed, and buffed my teeth.

The result? She thought I had wonderful teeth and said I took good care of them.

So fuck you America and your dental racism towards your Mother country!

Will it be 2039 before I visit again?

No, I'm going back in a few weeks for a filling ... I had a 4 among all of the 1s, 2s and 3s.

Monday, January 7

Not all holidays are alike

For the uninitiated, there is a chain of stores in the US called Christmas Tree Shoppes.

The place is open all year round, and they sell generic crap for almost every holiday imaginable.

 We took a walk around just after Christmas and they were already selling Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day shit.

 I know. Neither are really holidays, but it doesn't stop idiots from decorating their home and garden with poorly manufactured novelty tat.

 Of course there is an actual holiday in the US this month - Martin Luther King Jr Day.

 Why don't Christmas Tree Shoppes sell I have a dream(catchers)?


Sunday, January 6

Thursday, January 3

Christmas is dead

We bought 2 trees this year, one for inside the house and one to sit prettily in our pergola.

The whole buying, transporting, erecting and dressing of the trees was one big clusterfuck of annoying bullshit. So when it came to tearing the trees down I hoped the process would be somewhat cathartic.

Not so.

Last night we tackled the inside tree. By the time we had unscrewed the base and carried it outside half the pine needles were dispersed over the floor, rug and drapes.

The other half were stuck in my jacket.

This morning we took the outside tree down, only to realize that the base of the tree was thoroughly stuck inside the stand. Unsurprising considering the current temperature - 10°F.

I wore a different jacket to carry this one to the sidewalk - it's nice to have 2 jackets that smell pine unfresh.

Here you see the 2 tree corpses on the sidewalk outside the house.

The car on the left belongs to our cleaners who had just pulled into the empty space. At the time of the photo, they had no clue they were about to enter a house full of pine needles.

If you look carefully you can see a bicycle tied to the post. That doesn't belong to me neither. A guy who lives 4 doors down, or to put it a different way, 6 lampposts down, prefers to attach his bike (Terry Waite style) to the post outside my house.


I'm losing mine. Partially.

It's weird, I can remember that the shitty song, Memory, from 'Cats' contains a bizarre 10/8 time signature towards the end of each verse, but I cannot remember why I walked upstairs 5 minutes ago.

Yesterday (don't worry I'm not going to keep referencing old songs) I had a meeting at work and completely forgot the name of someone I've been working with for the past 2 months.

Of course, when you do forget stuff it's fun to re-learn or be reminded of it later on. My sister got be a new Prince biography for Christmas, so I'm currently listening to a pile of bootleg songs from the 80s.

On the other hand, over Christmas, my parents watched the video from my 1992 trip around California. They seemed to enjoy the youthful exuberance of their son. I just winced at the jokes ... half of them being not very good, and half of them still in my repertoire!