Thursday, January 3

Christmas is dead

We bought 2 trees this year, one for inside the house and one to sit prettily in our pergola.

The whole buying, transporting, erecting and dressing of the trees was one big clusterfuck of annoying bullshit. So when it came to tearing the trees down I hoped the process would be somewhat cathartic.

Not so.

Last night we tackled the inside tree. By the time we had unscrewed the base and carried it outside half the pine needles were dispersed over the floor, rug and drapes.

The other half were stuck in my jacket.

This morning we took the outside tree down, only to realize that the base of the tree was thoroughly stuck inside the stand. Unsurprising considering the current temperature - 10°F.

I wore a different jacket to carry this one to the sidewalk - it's nice to have 2 jackets that smell pine unfresh.

Here you see the 2 tree corpses on the sidewalk outside the house.

The car on the left belongs to our cleaners who had just pulled into the empty space. At the time of the photo, they had no clue they were about to enter a house full of pine needles.

If you look carefully you can see a bicycle tied to the post. That doesn't belong to me neither. A guy who lives 4 doors down, or to put it a different way, 6 lampposts down, prefers to attach his bike (Terry Waite style) to the post outside my house.

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