Saturday, February 16

Wow. That's so awkward

Anne and I went to see Pink Martini tonight. As usual it was a good show, although they appear to have developed an annoying habit of asking people on stage to dance, sing and even play piano.

Tonight they had Turks and Greeks each singing national folk songs, and because it was Chinese New Year they asked if anyone knew a specific Chinese song.

Quick as a flash a Chinese guy vaulted on the stage, grabbed the mike and prepared to sing with the band. And then a few moments later a couple of older women walked onto the stage from the more conventional staircase entrance.

I did a double-take realizing they were not Asian, but then my immediate liberal sensibility kicked in and told me that you don't have to be Chinese to know the words to a Chinese folk song.

But evidently the whole of the crowd were somehow sensing the same thing, and one of the women must have picked up on this vibe.

So she did the worse thing possible.

She placed her index fingers on her eyes and pulled outwards making the crude visualization of an Asian.

The crowd went crazy. I'm going with a 80/20 split of boo vs laugh.

To her credit she sang the song well, but it was super awkward, especially for the band member who shared a microphone with her. He is Japanese.

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