Wednesday, March 27

Did you give up blogging for Lent?

No I didn't.

I've had plenty of stuff going on, but I've had no desire to type.

My on-going battle with the crazy work-related repetitive-strain injury in my arm makes for a finite number of mouse clicks I can manage each day.

Of course, to control the pain I''m taking a medication that numbs my central nervous system - which in its own way makes me less angry, and less humored by events around me ... the basic content of this blog!

Also, one of my frequent Scrabble partners has decided that one game a day isn't enough, and instead she has begun adding new games every few hours. I have 7 games on the go with her at the moment. That creates so many clicks and drags for my mouse hand!

Somewhere in South Sudan a kid is blogging exactly the same thing as me. Because these are globally relevant problems.

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