Thursday, March 28

From the Bobby Sands range

Walking out of work last night I noticed the property management company have chosen to paint the walls a shade of brown that I'd call Maze Prison Fecal Smear.

The property management company send me a newsletter every week. It's fascinating reading.

The last one had this snippet.

Massachusetts Smoke-Free Workplace Law prohibits smoking in any building or in any outside area where smoke may migrate into a building. This law also applies to the use of e-cigarettes, which are considered "nicotine delivery products" and are comparable to tobacco cigarettes. Local smoking regulations are reportedly being updated in response to the growing use of e-cigarettes. 

I don't smoke but I do feel sorry for those who do. If this stuff continues we'll end up with smokers' islands. Although the lepers are likely to claim they got there first.

A smoking leper would be a very exclusive island wouldn't it?

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