Tuesday, April 23

Clutch Hitter

After a terrific train journey through the English countryside we arrived in Plymouth and headed for the Avis office.

We got an upgrade! A BMW 3-Series.

It's been a while since I drove a manual car. My old Fiat was simple. It had four gears so each one occupied a corner that you pushed towards.

This tricky driving machine has 6, and I'll be damned if I can find 3rd gear. So each time I move from 2nd gear I either:

Hit 5th: And the car just dies
Hit 1st: And Anne turns into a bobble-head device.

Today at a temporary traffic light on a uphill slope I think I mistakenly held the engine in 3rd gear without stalling.

The car is a diesel also and we couldn't get rid of the burning smell for 20 minutes after.


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