Thursday, April 25


We've had a great 2 days in Padstow the tiny fishing village that Rick Stein has turned into a gastro-go-to.

On the first night in the Seafood restaurant we sat next to a guy who acted like the Major in Fawlty Towers. But even he was eclipsed by the tiny Welsh wizard rugby dynamo Jonathan Davies, who was sat 2 tables away from us. 

I just pulled this shot off of Google, but I kid you not, he was wearing the same scarf. Now I didn't play International rugby in both codes, so I have no idea how much money he made, but if I had to guess it should have been enough to have multiple scarves.

The 2nd night we ate at the Bistro, which was just as good except we weren't as hungry because we had spent the day eating Cornish pasties, cream scones, fresh flapjack and Cornish fudge.

Pumping up the Cornish economy? You're welcome.

Here's the view from our super-posh Rick Stein accommodation (yes he owns half of the hotels here too).

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