Thursday, May 2

Enough with the countryside already...

It's been a real treat to be back in the UK for 10 days.

We both miss the beautiful countryside. Anne must have taken 50 photos of lambs during the trip.

Along with wonderful Cornish towns and rolling hills we also managed to meet my old bosses and mentors at a party on the IoW, we hung out with mum and dad, with my sister and her brethren, and also caught up with Adrian and Elizabeth and their whip-smart kids.

Way more importantly we also got very addicted to playing these 2 stupid games on our phones!

The one on the left is a take on the 2p coin pusher machines you find at seaside amusement halls.

The one on the right, a word game that creates a very precise set of 6 finger marks on your otherwise shiny pristine iPhone glass.

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