Wednesday, June 26

Mailing List Worries

I received this in the mail today.

In the words of a greater man than I,
"It must be because of my sizable anonymous donation."

I do lot of work for char-idee.

Sunday, June 23

Nice Touch

Ladies, hold onto your pint when you go for a pee.

Wednesday, June 19

Changing our Wi-Fi name

When people roam for Wi-Fi in our area they'll find this network.

Saturday, June 15

That Guy

I got a cool catalog in the mail from Bang & Olufsen this week.

These tidy looking headphones are new, and the ad said you can find them in Apple Stores.

Much to my pleasure and pain I live 2 blocks away from an Apple Store so I took a walk down this afternoon.

They didn't have any.

But they did have Philips Hue.

Basically they are multi-colored bulbs, with a wi-fi router and via an app you can control the color of your house lighting.

I'm toggling between moody cool and weird psychedelica.

Bang & Olufsen have a store on Newbury St. So I headed down there, amazingly found a parking space and found the demo pair in the store.

Picked up a box and made for the register. That was the end of my good luck.

"Ah, we don't have any stock."

"But you sent a mailing out this week."

"Oh that's why everyone is asking about them."


Saturday, June 8

Tough Sell

I just drove past Norfolk Street in my neighborhood and there's an Open House today.

Sadly it's the part of the street where the Boston bombers lived.

I cannot imagine being a real estate agent is ever easy. Too many pained smiles as morons trudge through asking their mundane questions.

"What's the neighborhood like?"

"Funny you should ask ...