Wednesday, July 10

3rd worst spine

I went to visit my back surgeon today. I had scheduled a steroid shot and as I sat in the waiting room an old Jewish couple joined me among the poorly designed chairs and 2 year old People magazines.

Thankfully the old broad started talking to the guy opposite me, but I could do little else but listen as her 100 decibel voice filled the room.

"The doctor saved my spine. He's the reason I can walk. He said I have the 3rd worst spine he has ever seen".

She added, "Of people who can walk."

When the doc isn't handing out rosettes and ribbons for poorly shaped spines he also gives steroid shots. After a very painful minute with a long needle in my spine I asked him, "Why the hospital where I previously had this procedure, gave me a general anesthetic?"

"That's overkill", said the Dr. "And besides, it's good to get the immediate feedback you gave me."

So there you have it. There is nothing better than a painful scream to help a doctor diagnose your problem.

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