Friday, July 12

I give it 6 months

Tonight we visited the first cricket themed restaurant in the US.

That's cricket the sport, not the insect. There's probably a bunch of 'insects as protein' buffets in California.

They've been re-modelling the old Spice n Rice in Inman Sq for 6 months, not that you could tell.

The TVs were playing an international cricket game featuring England.

Of course today was the 3rd day of the amazing 1st Test against Australia.

The restaurant were showing a one-day game against New Zealand.

Descending notes on a tuba play in my head.

The menu is a crazy mis-mash of cuisines from the cricket playing nations.

Anne noticed a heavy emphasis on Indian, "No doubt the chef is Indian" she said.

The menu is sequenced in terms of types of cricket games. So appetizers are 20-20, small dishes one-day, and main courses are test matches.

All the food sounded terrible.

Anne announced she was going to have a cocktail named "A Tickle".

"Make that 2 tickles", I said to the Irish? waitress with her Android tablet. She didn't smile.

Anne got a decent Cauliflower Curry. I had weird Sliders.

10 minutes later a portly Caribbean gentlemen in chef garb walked by.

Anne got that one wrong.

"If this was in England, we would have walked out", I said to Anne.

"If this was in England we wouldn't have bothered coming in", was her reply.

Well bowled darling.

We went to get Ice Cream from Christina's.

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