Sunday, January 5

Flash-Frozen for your protection

I had a pretty intense back surgery in November. Lots of removals, chiseling and chipping going on in the spinal area.

2 weeks later, and feeling so much better, I went to see my surgeon, and probably 2 weeks and 1 day too late asked, "So what did you do?"

He began, "We removed your remaining disc in 3 places, chiseled out the spinal column to give the nerves more room."


"We usually chuck those pieces of bone out, but in your case we fused them with flash-frozen cadaver bone and attached them back onto your spine for strengthening."

Questions I did not ask.

Should I be writing a donor thank you letter?

Did they use bone from a bad ass muthafucker?

Or an elderly lady with osteoporosis?

My friend Amy said I'm lucky it was a human and not a pig. Thanks.

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