Saturday, January 18

How much is this?

I appear to have upped my crazy magnetism. In Starbucks this morning I was quietly stood in line waiting to order my decaf (2 months now) latte when a crazy dude in ski-wear asked if he could cut in line to buy his newspaper.

I nodded, and then he proceeded to ask the barista the price of each newspaper. 2 minutes later he decided to buy all 3 of his choices. Wallet in hand, he pulled out a wad of singles. I can only presume his daughter is a stripper, and with the speed of a growing flower he counted out six.

While the coffee-chick straightened out the notes he began fingering the 'health' bars they sell by the till asking, "How much is this?"

His presumption was that each were a dollar. A presumption surely nurtured from years of shopping in Dollar Tree.

Later in Whole Foods I heard a 4 year old ask his mom if they could get sushi for lunch. What a blossoming twat.

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