Sunday, January 12

Is it an isosceles?

Just booked a quick trip to Bermuda for the summer. Yay!

We'd planned to head down to the Cape but I had one of those tiresome exchanges with a cottage co-op who demand an awful lot for what is basically a shed dressed in chintz.

Plus it will be inevitably filled with townies drinking a plastic cup of domestic beer.

So Bermuda it is. Inventors of the triangle.

Couldn't resist tagging some BM to this post. That's Barry Manilow, not bowel movement.

I found this Top of the Pops footage. Whenever the artist couldn't (or more likely wouldn't) appear, and in the days before pop videos, TotP used to wheel out a sexy* dance troupe to prance along to the upward moving chart entry.

* For family TV.

Hot Gossip were the first troupe, but they got too sexy, so the BBC replaced them with Legs and Co. This was as erotic as it got for a sexually confused young boy growing up in a pre-internet age.

Enjoy, possibly the best combination of camp and cheap until I find some Village People footage.

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