Thursday, January 2

No dragons? WTF?

As Anne and I walked to our New Year's Eve dinner the other night we noticed plenty of bored looking Asians (we live near MIT) presumably not enjoying the New Year fun. And probably longing for their own bonanza of celebration in about a month's time

Their favorite places to not celebrate appeared to be Chipotle, any heated indoor ATM area, and the seating by Kendall T Stop.

Couldn't help but feel how lame our celebrations are in comparison. The only dragon I saw last night was the old bitch on the next table to us complaining about the Prix Fixe menu. Boom!

We dined at Catalyst. So so food, but awesome cocktails. Not the best tagline for a restaurant, but apparently their chief mixologist is named Curtis.

When challenged to name the worst Curtis, Anne dropped Curtis Stone the bleach-tipped twat from Top Chef masters.

I went with Curtis Stigers. Back in the 90s he "Wondered Why".

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