Tuesday, January 7

Polar Vortex?

This appears to be the phrase of the moment to explain the annual phenomenon known as a snowy winter in North America.

The Weather Channel have tore into this season like Henry VIII receiving his latest copy of Single European Princesses Monthly magazine.

But in reality it’s just like every other predictable winter because of course;

  • Someone in Minnesota photographs water freezing as it exits a bucket/hose/kettle/penis (delete as necessary).
  • The Euro press fails to realize that freezing temperatures sound much sexier in Fahrenheit.
  • Somerville enforces a parking ban a day before it snows.
  • I get anxiety attacks about the uneven paving stones in front of my house and their effect on a litigious society. 

I could add that Anne’s feet are cold, but she once complained about that in Acapulco too.

Yes we had 2 ft of snow, but it’s been a balmy 40-50°F for the past 24 hours. Add in rain and most of the white stuff has disappeared quicker than a party at Rob Ford’s house.

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