Saturday, January 11

Puff up the pillows

The last few times we've gone home to Ohio to visit Anne's family we've stayed in a Hampton Inn.

Their latest branding is fun, with plenty of thought provoking stock images and hip sayings that create 3 seconds of amusement in an otherwise humdrum walk from your room to the breakfast area.

An aside to all hotels and airports. We don't all wish to listen to CNN. Turn it off.

In the room, by the side of the bed is the ubiquitous pen that I usually steal and they've managed to bring the notepad down in size to a couple of Post-it notes that they handily name 'thought pad'.

Very randomly and without any real malice I wrote "Kill Snakes", then headed out to Anne's fam.

When we got back the maid had drawn this lovely picture of a snake crying.

The next morning I added, "OK, let's save them."

I'd like to think that is what snagged us some extra towels but more likely it was the tip Anne left.

No snakes were harmed in the making of this story.

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