Friday, January 10

Random to say the least

I'm reading Morrissey's autobiog.

It's more flowery than a sunflower salesman sowing his seed at a snapdragon sexshow.

Speaking about one of his teachers he says, "She will die lonely, smelling of attics".

He spends an age talking about late 60s telly, but when he does get to music his choices are superbly flamboyant and off-kilter.

He loves the song Eloise by Barry Ryan. I've heard it before mostly because The Damned covered it, and I was vaguely aware that Barry Ryan was from Leeds.

More interesting (with the exception of the chap dancing by the stage) is that Barry was married for a time to Tunku Miriam binti al-Marhum Sultan Sir Ibrahim.

As everyone knows she was the child of Sultan Ibrahim of Johor in Malaysia.

My Uncle Mick's first wife Jackie is Malaysian. It must be a Yorkshire thing!

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