Wednesday, January 29

Sorry Hamas, I'm a Mac guy

I had reason to use a PC today and as usual it was familiar to me as an old lady working in an air-traffic control booth.

I was reminded of a conversation I had over Christmas with my friend Amy, pondering whether terrorist organizations have to create Powerpoint presentations.

Up-and-coming terror guy, "Agh, my fonts are not loading. I'm more of a Keynote man myself."

Senior Beard, "This is unacceptable, Hamas is strictly a PC-centric organization."

Up-and-coming terror guy, "But Keynote harnesses the power of OSX and the Cloud."

Senior Beard removing revolver, "Fuck the cloud we need to kill some westerners."

Up-and-coming terror guy, "As my PDF takeaway clearly shows."

Senior Beard, "You mean you didn't bring a print out?"

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Death to tree-huggers.

"Who do I have to chain to a radiator to get a fresh cup of coffee round here?"

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