Monday, January 27

Thought for the Day

My friend Jeff texted me today, and for the second time in a week began with, "Am I just jaded or ..."

Last night at the Grammy's (where Americans celebrate their innate musically blandness) there was a performance by Michaelmas and Inspector Lewis, along with Queef Latina and Madonna's mom.

They sang their well-meaning hit Same Love, which outlines the sensible notion that any two people should be able to marry regardless of gender.

No problems there.

I, and it turns out J, had a bit of a problem with the tackiness of 33 weddings being fake performed during the song.

And this is my Thought for the Day.

Let's say the song was about the equally worthy topic of Pro-Choice, would they have performed 33 abortions during the song?

Tacky? Yep. Just like the Grammy's on CBS.

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