Monday, January 6

Where are you Wild Abandon?

I regularly get Reiki. It helps me to de-stress.

For the uninitiated, Reiki is a massage where they don’t actually massage you. Instead the Reiki-Lady places her hands (or sometimes a rock) on you and doesn’t move it for a few minutes at a time.

All the while the whale music gently soothes you to sleep.

Afterwards my Reiki-Lady usually does a mini-mystic move where she says she visualized a big hawk above me, or got a feeling I was strapped to a chair near some water.

A few months ago she said the phrase, “wild abandon”, kept coming to her as she moved her hands and stones over my sleeping torso.

Since that moment I’ve been impatiently waiting for a sniff of wild abandon. Nothing.

And it’s not like you can make an appointment with it.

I don’t think I’ve done anything with wild abandon since 1997, and even then it was attacking the Pick n Mix at the Birstall Showcase Cinema.

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