Thursday, February 20

Hello UK

Last night, UK bound, I boarded the plane and settled into my Business Class seat, which in an hour would become a bed.

I was already woozy from a sleeping tablet, when I heard a commotion.

Snotty kid starts bitching to his dad that Business Class is not as good as First Class. What a little shit.

Chanting "Serenity Now", I began to calm back down when another brouhaha erupted.

A family had claimed the middle beds but they weren't assigned the seats. Escalation occurs. Flight Attendant, Pilot (British Guy - too polite), TSA Gate Attendant. With the threat of the police looming a compromise was reached.

The next morning the Flight Attendant apologized for the stand-off. The family were Arab and I sensed a bit of a racial undertone to the attendants rather two-faced sorry.

Anyway. Here I am.

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