Thursday, February 6

In the words of Ice Cube

It was a good day.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. She's 91. And although I cannot offer a lot of experience interacting with nonagenarians my m-i-l is the best.

No patronizing talk of soup, the war and kids today, instead Anne's mom is one of the funniest, interesting women I know. No subject is off topic – race, politics, abortion, sexuality, Seinfeld and the Game Show Channel, her range is wide and above all,
always kind.

Also. Today I worked in my Beverly office and kicked off a kooky idea to have a series of lunches with all of my colleagues. The first randomly selected 6 were funny, insightful and cool to hang out with for an hour that went by too quickly.

Tonight I had a Reiki session where Olga correctly guessed I was lost and lonely because Anne is in Ohio celebrating her Mom's B-day.

And finally I got home and managed to fit into a pair of cargo pants from Benetton. Excellente!

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