Friday, February 7

La la la la (cannot see, cannot hear)

Of course Anne picked the worst week to go away. No idea why her Grandmother 91 years ago thought it necessary to give birth during this week!!!

Finales of Biggest Loser (Biggest Guilty Pleasure) and Top Chef hit the screens this week and I had to avoid news all week so as not to inadvertently learn of the winners (or Losers).

It's not like we watch that many TV shows so to have 2 end in one week is unfortunate.

What I forgot to plan for is my new office, there are 2 TVs constantly playing in the lobby.

You have to walk past them to grab coffee, and considering my age, you then also have to walk past them 30 minutes later when you go pee.

And CNN ran a piece on the Biggest Loser. They thought she was anorexic. One down.

Wednesday night was Top Chef night. Being a cooking show, I figured it would be OK to read some sports news. My favorite cricket site has twitter feeds of cricketers and wouldn't you know a West Indian cricketer was cheering on Nina, one of the finalists of Top Chef.

So I've also avoided all cricket news for the last few days.

Finally watched Top Chef tonight. Ugh. Didn't want that douche to win.

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