Tuesday, February 25

Trouble Brewing

There's been a big kerfuffle surrounding the Cambridge Prison in my neighborhood.

It's full of asbestos so they removed the government workers about 5 years ago. Only the prisoners remain in their own little 24th Floor Papillon.

Lately someone (city, state?) awarded the refurb to a company who plan to spunk $200 million on cladding the concrete monstrosity in glass.

The neighborhood is not happy. Glass reflects and presumably that reflection is going to (delete as necessary): Sap our power, burn bugs, kill trees, make hipsters wear sunglasses etc.

There's a meeting tomorrow and I guess we're going! I'm sure there'll be plenty of people with million dollar homes bleating about parking, noise and glare.

Which is worse than asbestos and prisoners screaming obscenities when you're trying to read a book and enjoy a glass of wine in your garden.

The plan is to turn the building into office space (because we don't have enough of that in East Cambridge), some apartments (because we don't have enough of those in East Cambridge) and probably a Whole Foods because we only have 8 of those in a 4 mile radius.

It will be nice to know I have another place to buy Quinoa while the asbestos riddled prisoners are shipped out to some sorry suburbia.

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