Saturday, March 15

Day Tripper

Today's the day I head to St. Thomas for the weekend.

Promising weather awaits!

I'm greeted by heat, glorious heat at St. Thomas, and a charming Hertz lady who berates me for only visiting for a day.

They have American cars but drive on the left side of the road in the US Virgin Islands. No clue why. I read somewhere it was a leftover of old colonial Dutch rule, but the Dutch drive on the right - so that's bollocks.

Turned out of the lot into ... a FedEx parking area. 180° later I headed out of the airport and immediately saw aquamarine seas and a white beach. Zing!

I walked around a supermarket for 2 hours. That's the work out of the way.

Also took some time to text photos of tropical beauty to people in colder locations. Asshole!

Later I took a ferry to neighboring St. John. Just a 30 minute ride, but 30 minutes of sitting in the sun was heaven after the catastrofuck of a winter we have had.

Coming back to St. Thomas my trip was almost ruined by a man threatening to play the bagpipes. Thankfully there were some sunburnt drunken girls elsewhere on the ferry who wished to be hit on by a guy in a skirt. Crisis averted!!

Checking into my hotel room I opened the blinds to discover I was positioned right outside the Big Cock Bar.

Insert your own innuendo here.

Finished my day with fresh fish, a couple of Red Stripes and then neurotically fell asleep wishing I hadn't read about bed bugs on Trip Advisor.

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