Thursday, March 6


There's a standing joke about Americans that when they realize you are from the UK they mention a lost aunt who lives in Dagenham. The factoid is usually followed by "Do you know her?"

The comparative trait amongst the British is to base all of their knowledge of America on a Thompson's 10 day package holiday to Florida.

I once winced as an old colleague compared Yorkshire's best restaurants with his dining experience at a fucking Applebee's in Tampa.

None of this has anything to do with the fact that my sister is bringing all of her family to Florida in June for 2 weeks of theme park frivolity.

However, I noticed her trip coincided with England playing their warm weather pre-World Cup games in Miami. Even better it's during the weekend Anne and I planned to pop down and see them.

So it's with great excitement that I'm heading to the Sun Life Stadium with 'all the blokes', while Anne gets to prance around Miami Beach with all the ladies - you will recognize them by their paleness!!

Ah yes. Just remembered why I started with the "Do you know my aunt" cliché.

Our weekend in Florida will require 8 hours of driving from Orlando to Miami and back.

And we laugh at Americans doing the UK in 10 days on a coach tour?

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