Thursday, March 13

Less reasons to shop at Morrisons

UK retailer Morrisons (and former client!!) announced a £176 million loss today.

"We've identified over $1bn of cost that we can take out of our business over the next three years," said Dalton Philips, chief executive of Morrisons.

He confirms the supermarket will be cutting some of its lines. "We had 15 tinned tomatoes recently, we cut it down to five - we don't need that sort of range".

Firstly I would hope Morrisons have more than 15 cans of tomatoes in their stores. This is not the Stalinist Soviet Union after all.

But is 15 types of canned tomatoes so exotic? I've done ranges of 24 for small supermarkets here in the US, and one of my clients has more than 30.

Come on Morrisons shoppers, stand up and demand Petite Diced Italian Roasted Tomatoes with Chilies. You deserve them. Probably.


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