Monday, March 24

Life lessons from walking around a lake

I'm still on this pedometer kick. I'm hoping to average 10,000 a day for the whole of March, so I tend to walk around Fresh Pond most days.

First up, you slowly become a regular.

The nutty couple in their 80s who walks around at such a slow pace I'm surprised I don't find them frozen to death in a bush each day.

The woman with the cute terrier who smiles at me because her dog always makes me smile.

The young Asian woman who runs like she is in such pain, and hides her hands inside her shirt so that she looks like a mannequin.

And psycho dude who always wears an anorak with hood pulled tight.

Not sure what people think of me. I've started to wear a woolly hat over my big headphones, so I must look like a gigantically deformed head from afar.

Distance is measured in songs. It takes 9 songs to get around the Pond, or 4,500 steps. No idea how far it actually is.

The past 2 days as the ice has begun to melt I've seen two instances of dog owners throwing balls into recently melted water. This seems cruel when the dog goofily bounds in to rescue the ball.

Yesterday I saw this scene. I'd like to think the ducks believe they are on vacation and they booked poolside lodgings.

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