Monday, March 31

Machine? Mother!

The final 24 hours of Las Vegas were an enjoyable gamble-fest with my Phoenix co-workers and my colleague of 20 years Emma.

Emma's first time in Vegas begins with bedtimes of 3am and 6am, so I wasn't looking forward to the statistical progression.

Emma is my Business Manager. On this trip I taught her to play Poker, Craps and Blackjack.

Sunday afternoon she threw a Double 2 on three consecutive throws. That won me hundreds of dollars.

Sunday evening we played Blackjack Switch which has a little poker style side bet. Emma was dealt four 4s. This won her $400.

And Sunday night I hit a bunch of 4 of a kinds at Video Poker so we decided to just play the one machine (at the bar) and play down $150.

We finished at 2.30am. It was at this point Emma turned back into a mother. "I didn't get the kids any gifts yet! Do you think the shops will still be open?"

We got back to the hotel at 3am and I swear she said she wasn't tired. I on the other hand ... felt dead!

We still met for breakfast at 7.30 ... and a little time for gambling.

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