Saturday, March 29

Viva ... you know the rest

Took a trip with a difference to Vegas this weekend.

This is an 8 person work trip as a thank you for successfully launching the first phase of a new brand.

We're staying at the Cosmopolitan. It's like the final days of Sodom and Gomorrah here.

Or else there's a fake tit convention in town.

Tried to check in at 12.30am to be told they were still waiting for my room to be cleaned.

BBQ goat and lube are a bitch to clean.

Instead I am downgraded, which means I'm sent to a suite that does not look down on the Bellagio fountains. First World Problem or what?

Add on the East coast time difference and it's 4am by now, but I'm in the mood for some gambling.

I manage to elbow my way to a slot on the cheapest craps table .. only $25.

Manage to do OK before the combo of cigar and hooker perfume tell me to go back to my shitty suite.

This is the view that I awake to just 4 hours later. Bullshit!

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