Saturday, April 19

A Die Hard situation

I'm at work today. I work in an office complex with a computerized keyless entry system.

There is a security person (today a large lady of color!) stationed in the lobby but at no point as I waited for the elevator did she notice me.

I could have been carrying weaponized anthrax and a bazooka but she had her head down probably playing Candy Crush.

When I reached my office I realized I'd left my phone down in the car.

Back down, out and back in. Still she didn't see me .. or the aryan, strong, lean gentleman who entered the elevator with me and proceeded to speak German on his phone.

I swear he looked down to see if I was barefoot.

A few hours in there is no sign of a hostage situation, but I'm running to the bathroom in a serpentine fashion. Just in case.

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