Tuesday, April 29


I was involved in a low-speed (actually no-speed) car-crash this evening. The guy behind me at the junction rolled into the back of me.

We both got out to quickly assess the damage and agree a better place we should exchange details. The chick behind him honked her fucking horn. In the words of the great Maya Angelou, "Bitch please".

The poor guy was super sorry. I think he automatically expects me to develop a chronic neck condition in the next 12 hours.

My car looks a little weird with one of the bumper cameras sticking out sideways. I was hoping it would give me a crazy view on the reversing monitor but it doesn't show anything.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy. It's no longer a bumper, it's the whole back section of the car plus all the crazy camera stuff that cars come with these days.

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