Friday, April 25

Muddy Waters

It was a bit rainy this morning so we chose to do 2 awesome things you do when it's raining.

Eat incredible baked goods, and visit a spa.

Thomas Keller's Bouchon is our destination tonight, but first we popped into the bakery next door. I love a macaroon, so you can imagine how happy 6 make me.

But this was just a pitstop on our way to Calistoga for a mud bath!

The website looked super-glam, with soothing music and great-looking couples enjoying treatments together.

The mud bath. The clue is in the name. Not a wrap or a smothering. No. A bath. A tub. A vat of filthy mud ... in a room that looks like a place where they water board.

You actually float, and if you sink your feet way down the temperature at the bottom is too much. We did about 15 minutes in the L shaped tub, during which time I silently considered how often they empty this thing. I came up with somewhere between annually and never.

Next we showered (in the same cell) while the spa helper hosed down the floor. Glamorous or what?

Actually, before we showered I had to get out of the mud bath. Not a graceful move. I couldn't get enough traction and as I reached back to grab the rail by the wall I missed and went deep into the mud. It was almost a Bond villain death.

Post shower we hopped into the jacuzzi* for a 15 minutes chance to grab a staph infection. The idea is that the bubbles get to the nooks and crannies even the shower head cannot reach. Delightful. I chose to elegantly get out as the spa helper came back in. She must love my ass.

I don't think they drain the jacuzzi either.

And then you finish with 20 minutes of whale music in a dark room covered in the stuff they wrapped dead Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Afterwards I felt my skin was a bit smoother. It's supposed to get rid of your toxins but I had mine removed in Vegas a few weeks back.

Then again, I was probably covered in the toxins of the previous mud-bathers.

*The Jacuzzi family own a vineyard in Napa. When you enter their building you turn left for wine tasting and right for olive-oil tasting. We were told in no uncertain terms to always turn right!

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