Thursday, April 24

Premeditated Disappointment?

Today we hit Napa Valley. Just driving around in good weather makes me so happy. We had no plans to wine-taste until we saw a vineyard we recognize from the 'less than $10' section of the liquor store.

Of course they roll out the good stuff and as my Dad rightly predicted we ended up buying a $70 bottle, even though we cannot ship it home. Massachusetts still thinks it's 1641 when it comes to booze.

A little tipsy from the tasting we could have used some food, but we were fasting for the first of 3 eagerly anticipated restaurant nights.


I don't usually look at restaurant reviews but for some reason I did before tonight's dinner at Bottega. The reviews weren't so good for what is a nationally recognized restaurant and chef.

When we arrived the restaurant looked great, we were seated and waited for menus with anticipation.

Our server looked like golfer/walrus impersonator Craig Staedler. It turned out he was also impersonating a platinum-grade twat.

It started when Anne asked what the risotto of the day was and instead we got the long drawn out description of all of the specials.

When we came to order we decided to skip antipasti and he flipped out. I asked for truffle fries and he said that it would be too much.

Anne's risotto arrived and he went through a whole douche routine about how the chef had told him what to say. Just fuck off is what Anne's eyes were saying, but not everyone can read them.

The risotto was too salty. For her next course Anne got the duck. It was dry. How can you do that with the fattiest of meats?

Our waiter came up to me as I finished my entrée and said "Think you should have got the truffle fries?" I ignored the fuckwit as he told Anne what dessert she should get.

We didn't get dessert (at least not from Bottega).

What a let down!

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