Monday, April 21

to-do list for today

It appears that Jesus specifically died to save hairdressers from their sins.

I drove around town yesterday looking for a place to get my haircut. All closed! Admittedly I was only looking in the $15 or less places.

Seriously? All the single mother's who usually cut my hair are big fans of JC?

Avoid the whole Marathon hoopla
The helicopters woke me up at 6am.

The TV screens in our lobby are reporting that "the spectators are better than ever", I guess we must have changed channels to Sanctimony TV.

Big events usually screw up my commute. I'm expecting traffic to move slower than an Alabama cop investigating the death of a black kid tonight.

Come home in a good mood
Given the other 2 things on the list it could be tough, but Anne has the 'LoveCat Ladies' around tonight and they don't need an irate Englishman barging in on their dinner spitting out expletives.

Plus they always leave leftovers which will be more nutritious than the Mini Eggs I've had for dinner the past 3 nights.

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