Sunday, May 25

Notes from a long walk

I decided to walk to my office today. It's 4.8 miles each way and it provided plenty of action in route.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day so I spotted 3 marching bands practicing their moves.

Next I got a call from my credit card company. Looks like I've been hijacked again. I had to listen to the rep tediously read out all 12 of the false transactions made on my card. One was for a specialist 'Asian Lady' site. The rep said "A-ha" in a slightly different tone when I said no to that one.

I saw a black woman wearing an eye-patch who wasn't Gabrielle. Bitch stole my look!

Just outside my office a gaggle of geese had sat their fat asses down on the sidewalk and refused to budge as I approached. Radicalized!

In the office as usual the crack security officer didn't look up as I entered.

On the way back home I ran into a bunch of Tarquin and Tarquinesses doing some sort of Sunday special club at their Montessori school. Precocious!

On Harvard Common 3 Japanese men were laying on the ground photographing one child in what I can only presume was some type of Godzilla-Child pastiche.

10 minutes later I passed a woman wearing a Top Chef baseball cap. Maybe a fan, or maybe connected with the show. They're filming in Boston right now!

Finally I walked past the Polish-American club that has been converted into an old-time bar for the Whitey Bulger movie starring Johnny Depp. No sign of Johnny, but plenty of gruff blokes in black t-shirts lugging heavy shit around.

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