Saturday, May 10

Random Fandom

You cannot help be amused as you walk around the city.

No Shoes?
I'd hate to be a children's entertainer specializing in making balloon animals.

It's up there with weather forecaster for jobs that combine pointlessness with self-aggrandizing.

This guy was out on the common teaching the kiddies how his balloon sculpture was a certain breed of dog. Fucking numbskull. With his wacky get-up I was hoping he'd be wearing clown shoes. But he disappointed me. Again.

To be fair he has a nice watch and cufflinks. Perhaps during the week he's a weatherman.

If you're going to drop 6 figures on a car then you might has well go the whole fuck you route and get the license plate MMMMMM.

Or perhaps he (because let's be honest only a middle-aged guy would buy this car) is a fan of the 90s band Crash Test Dummies.

Either way he's a dick.

I see this guy a couple of times a week as I walk around Fresh Pond.

Look, I know it takes massive strength to cross-country ski. But it takes even bigger balls to do it in spring on dry land.

As a bonus he has a huge hole in the armpit of his t-shirt. And what's not to love about the whiff of sweat as he swishes past me.

1 Part Groan. 1 Part Well Played Sir!
This is the name of a sushi place on Mass Ave in Central Square.

You know the place must be filled with precocious twats but it makes me smile.

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