Thursday, May 8

Still Genius

I'm re-listening to the Chris Morris Radio Show.

Dead Johnny Walker, Kiddies Outing, Alice Cooper calling Sybil Roscoe an enormous twat, and airport announcements of people with swear words for names. 

It's all good surreal fun. 

Here's the Top Ten Dance Chart from 20 years ago.

New at number 10, last week’s 6
Discombobulate Eight with Who’s Operating Colin?

There is no Number 9

Straight in at 8 for
P-Rinse and Boy you’ve got to be the most, I mean, how nice can you get?

49th week at #7 it’s still there for
Estrogen Blag-Daddy with Bring Me a Chicken

Down 12 at 6 there they sit
Urbane Bookie Collective with Dreamy Twat

And also at number 6
Dennis Helium with his remix of ELPs Anesthetics at the Birth of a Potato

Up more than I care to say with their first major number 5 it’s
Love Minus Petrol and Blundering Around in a Tent
Up 12 1/2 a brand new #4 for
Beast of Beetroot with I’m Mr Self-Loathing

At 3, no move for
The Playtex Chin and Recordings of Newsagents Biros

At #2 it re-enters the chart for the 19th time in this position it’s a fine slice of ambient psycho for
Simultaneous Beans with Here, Climb into these Stirrups

So here it is, a massive new #1, and I can tell you I haven’t been anywhere in the last fortnight where it hasn’t blown someone open.
Brewed Tea and the Eye-Level remix of Very Loud Twit

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