Saturday, June 7

Going to Miami

Flew down this weekend to Florida, home of deadbeat dads, tourists, insects and presumably the rapper Flo Rida.

My sis is on holiday with all of her little offspring.

The trip coincides with England playing Honduras in the footie down in Miami. So we drove there … for 4.5 hours.

My 8-year old niece, obviously a big Will Smith fan repeatedly sang, "We're going to Miami" ... just in case I forgot.

A quick walk along Miami Beach saw the usual collection of beautiful, skank, weird, outré risque and mid-western.

Then the guys headed for the football. Bizarrely they made a group of English and Honduran people stand for the US national anthem.

Judging by the crowd it was a good night to be a burglar in a Honduran neighborhood - they were all in the ground, dressed from head to toe in national blue and white.

The game had to be stopped after 40 minutes. Lightning! Seemed like a small ruse to make the English drink some more.

The game played out as a thrilling 0-0 draw.

And because England are great planners and usually go out on penalties at the World Cup the team took this opportunity to practice a penalty shoot out.

After a quick switcheroo with the car personnel we headed back north.

For an hour we got to view an amazing electrical storm light up the night sky. It seemed almost constant.

I said to Anne, "At least it's not raining". 5 mins later we hit the most torrential rain ever, making the wipers redundant and slowing our high speed toll-road journey down to an almost pedestrian crawl.

Speaking of tolls. We had a little thingy-do in the glove compartment that we pinched from another Avis rental car. Shockingly it didn't work, even when Anne held it up the windshield for an elongated period.

I'm waiting for the $15 bill + $100 fine to drop into my in-box.

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