Sunday, June 29

Hyundai Accent and a Porsche Boxster

Anne and I went shopping today for some replacement kitchen appliances.

I've just about broken every button on our current microwave. The 2, 3, 6 and 9 are the only one's still functional so it's a bit of a mathematic puzzle each time you need to defrost something.

We were told that there are only really 3 manufacturers worldwide of microwaves, everyone just re-badges them, which is why many different brands sound the same when you shut the door or push the buttons. As such, there is no high-end microwave ... at least not for the over the range types.

We bought a Whirlpool. Don't know who really makes it, but it's very quiet when you close the door. And I like that.

If the microwave is a Hyundai then we bought a Porsche of a dishwasher.

We were comparing 2 Mielé dishwashers. Anne asked what the difference was. My answer "$500".

We went with the pricier one!

I think this one does the laundry, re-stocks your fridge with beer and is good for 3 full-body rub-downs a year.

Anne liked the cutlery tray at the top of the dishwasher. That's what made it pricy.

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