Monday, June 16

Last week's travel pt1

I had to head to Boise, Idaho at the end of last week.

This gave me the opportunity to sit in the United Lounge during the first half of the Brazil Croatia World Cup opener. Wish I hadn't. After Brazil scored to cancel out their earlier own goal I had 2 people saying, "They did it again, they've scored another own goal, why do they keep doing that". This was probably the 5th most annoying thing the group said.

Pissed off I returned to the gate and bumped into this savvy entrepreneur. It's a real man who combines a sports jacket, with a camouflage hat and a twat-handle Bluetooth device. Unsurprisingly he was a bit of a dick as he spoke 'hands free'.

But not to worry, because I was flying business class. First stop Chicago.

They ran out of my dinner choice, and the bathroom was broken. Wa-wah.

I then had a 3.5 hour ride from Chicago to Boise in a plane only slightly larger than a toothpaste tube.

At least I had a snack box to keep me company.

Landing in Boise I headed to the taxi rank. I got an African guy who couldn't speak English ... or read English. I found this out when I showed him the hotel address for his navigation app.

Unperturbed, I punched the address into my phone navigation and, from the back seat, held out my phone at full-arm stretch so he could see the map as he drove (at speed) towards my destination.

I had a lovely day in Boise with my colleagues and client.

I flew back through Denver, where, as a business class passenger, I attempted to enter the United lounge. "You have to be flying international to enter", I was told. To which I replied, "Who flies internationally from Denver?"

Once on the plane we took off and 10 minutes later we heard the dreaded, "Is there a doctor on board?"

Thankfully we did not need to turnaround, and so I returned to Boston and my short drive home only to find no parking in a 2 block radius at 2.30am.

Love to travel!

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